Art direction

When we like objects, materials, textiles, we care about taking them till the end, so we prepare design briefings to communicate on those products, to take pictures of them, to showcase them in the stores or on line.
Writing necessary texts and contents can also help to build coherent projects, we usually make it too.
For example, while working on this cement tiles which are sold per unit, we have created an exclusive packaging, the shape and the identity have been imagined to highlight the product story.

ROTTERDAM Limited edition :
the DIY company Leroy Merlin invited Lauriane Beaunier to create a limited edition, as a next step of the collaboration.
The project was open, she has decided to build a pattern range inspired by Rotterdam city. Since the world war 2, this city has experienced architecture in a very experimental way. Styles and structures are mixed and confronted, and that's very exciting for people who are obsessed with patterns !
Lauriane has tried to get the best of the cement tiles handcraft, while visiting the plant, to develop precise and thin patterns with contrasted colours, we can mix like Rotterdam's architecture.
As a global project, the identity and the packaging is the final step to express the graphic mood of the collection.