Excla is also about experimenting : how to create an image differently ? How to mix our different design fields ? What’s next about textile and materials ? We want to use our intuition to create new creative process.
An example : as we are obsessed by coherence, when Leroy Merlin asked us to create the illustration for their annual inspiration book, instead of going straight to our computer, we decided to create tools to make it ! The graphic inspiration came from the products of the store : lamps, grids, pergola... they became units to repeat. Then we designed tools thanks 3D printing to play with this element freely on paper with linocut inks. It allowed us to give back texture to our creations. And then, we organised work sessions with other designers to test different possibilities of our tools before presenting proposals for the Guide Maison book.
This cross-fields project is a good example of Excla’s vision : experimenting in a lab mood all together !

Experience continues : Lauriane has been invited by the french embassy and TCDC to work with thaï companies. She spent two weeks in Thaïland to create a project using the companies' knowledge and saleable. Lauriane worked with a ceramic workshop. The result is a range of lamps and has been shown during Chiangmai design week and Paris Design Week.
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