Thanks to our technical knowledge and curiosity, we develop materials and textiles in collaboration with plants and production workshops. We work on textures and finishing with details to get new aspects. Then technical constraints are an exciting challenge we appreciate to deal with.

We work also on composition, how to associate materials to create product like on glasses for the belgian company MATTTEW for example.

Our knowledge concerning finishings and aspects has led us to work on different materials to recreate or to imitate different decors like wood, marble, stone or concrete.

Opening the field of the material design, Lauriane worked with the creator Aurélien Veyrat on a new urban furniture system for a Lille design competition. They won the public price.
We still love textiles and our parallel project Addenda is a manifesto presenting a more personal project thanks to our savoir-faire.
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We also collaborate to create 3D projects, caring on realism.