Before working on any projects, we first start by analysing the situation !
We study and make a diagnosis after talking with main players of the projects : it’s very significant for us to listen to you !
Then we may help in forecasting, imagining tools or solutions to find the future of a product in a range, review color tools or a new brand positioning... We also help you to make choices, to tighten or expand, decide and adapt your projects in defined way. It’s also possible for us to participate or animate work sessions to develop your projects.
It's a specific work for each of our customer at the very start of the projects.
Collaboration is the key, this strategic work is the beginning of other co-operations like with the designer Aurélien Veyrat in working on architecture while rethinking the work place of Lille Grand Palais (crédits photo studio.b.helle) or imagining the new communication of Rm-Mobilier company.