Excla is a creation studio proposing the good alternatives to its customers. Color, materials and graphism give meaning to our projects and these 3 concepts are central to our approach.
They are presented separatly on this website but it's an intricate mix of them which allow projects.
With 15 years of experience in the textile and material design fields Lauriane Beaunier founded the studio in 2017. She has been working for a few years as a freelance designer for several international customers. She collaborates with differents people - color and trim, graphic or product designers - regarding the different targets. Charlotte Cornette, color designer and Aurélien Veyrat, space and furniture designer compose the close team !
Excla gives a new impulse to the projects, in a working team. The graphic identity reflects the multidisciplinary skills of the team. 2D but also partially 3D, this logotype is like the material itself, between two visions : space and image.
Our customers : Matttew, Tupperware, Leroy Merlin, Adeo, Eurokéra, Smrc Motherson, Dumaplast etc...
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Convinced that new way to create and consume have to be found, Lauriane created in 2018 Addenda, a label for an upcycling scarves project, where creation meets with responsability.

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